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Anonymous asked: I'm 5'2 and 79lbs... Can I give you a lap dance? x ... I'll wear 6 inch heels

not much of a lap dance guy, but sure, why not!

hope you have a lot of practice moving around in those heels - don’t forget tall girls can wear 6” heels too.

but I’ll give you a chance ;)

Anonymous asked: I was just watching a documentry on the Queen, and it began with Annie Leibovitz taking a portrait of the Queen, in which she had 11 assistants and her daughter Sarah with her - is this normal or just a little extravagant because it's the Queen?

with the caveat that I will never ever presume to criticize Annie — who is a billion times better than I will ever be, even if I live to be 1000 — it’s the latter.

Anonymous asked: hi. have you seen alzbeta by storm models? even though her measurements aren't the best of the world her face is stunning, completely heart-breaking in my opinion and in my opinion - maybe i'm wrong - she looks like your gender. just writing this so that you can have a look. kiss kiss xx

Wait - you think she’s a man???

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