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Anonymous asked: If one wants to look into working for an agency as a scout what type of background is required, or what is the way to get in?

no special background, just a great eye for undiscovered talent. one way to “get in” is to start sending agencies some of your ‘discoveries’. from there, build relationships with photogs, bookers, etc. another way is applying to be an intern at major agencies.

Anonymous asked: I have a serious question. My agency told me to tone up (ok). BUT, I have now lost my period. I am not THAT small - 24 (from 25) inch waist, 32 (from 33) hips. I don't know whether to gain weight quickly (would have to be fat) to get it back or try and gain muscle (which would be slow) to get it back. But that means months of no period. What would you do PLEASE?? :(

You mean they told you to tone up a while ago, then you lost weight to get where you are now, or they told you to tone up now, after you already lost weight?

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